This Week In Turner's Take

Four years ago this week, I was in Omaha with Carolina baseball, as the color commentator on the Tar Heel Sports Network. I wrote a column called 'Omaha Stakes.' I'm still pretty proud of the pun.

That 2013 Tar Heel team was a good one. On the mound were Kent Emanuel, Trent Thornton, Benton Moss, Hobbs Johnson, Chris Munnelly and Trevor Kelley. In the lineup were Chaz Frank, Brian Holberton, Michael Russell, Cody Stubbs and Colin Moran, among others. From Houston to Boshamer, from 12 and 18 innings in the ACC Tournament to Omaha, the loss against State, the win against LSU, the Holbie slide. There was a waterslide at the hotel pool, too.

I knew going into the CWS that the 2013 season would be my first and last on the radio team. I'd made the decision midway through the season. So I soaked up every minute of that tremendous run, and that team rewarded me and its fans with tremendous play and outstanding memories.