This Week in Turner's Take

Since I'm sort of in a sentimental place right now, I thought it might be good to take a look back at columns I've written in the past for GoHeels. This week's featured Turner's Take is called 'The Payoff Pitch,' from 2013. It's about the changeups that Chris McCue threw for the Diamond Heels as they outlasted NC State in a marathon, 18-inning thriller in the ACC Tournament.  For this one, I not only talked to Chris, but I watched film with associate head coach Scott Forbes. I didn't write this column right after the game; I was on the radio, it finished at about 1:40 a.m., and I had to be at church to play guitar six hours later. I wanted to take my time on this one, so I wrote it on the following Monday, after the NCAA Tournament Selection Show.

Chris McCue's dad Jim had me send him a hard copy of this story so he could frame it. I haven't seen the finished product, but I was certainly flattered. 

Turner's Take: The Payoff Pitch

Also this week: From 2016, national championship columns from Philadelphia for both women's and men's lacrosse.  What a thrilling trip that was.

And from 2014, freshman orientation columns with Joel Berry, Justin Jackson and Theo Pinson, a trio that would help the Tar Heel men's basketball team to a national championship not three years later. Theo was the hardest to track down. Justin told me he was looking forward to joining a church. Joel's high school coach raved about him. I knew he would be good - he was coming to Carolina, after all. But the way Jason Vallery spoke about Joel, I thought there was no way to live up to the hype. Well, he has.