Every Day I Write The Book

On April 12, 2017, I tweeted this: 

I had been working on the video for a couple of days, finding pictures and video, putting it to music in iMovie on my Ipad. Writing a book had been on my mind for a few years, and since it had been ten yars on the beat and the Carolina men's basketball team had just won the national championship, it seemed like a good time to try to put something together.

There were just a few problems. I hadn't written anything resembling the beginning of an outline, I had no book deal, no idea how to actually write a book and nothing that told me there was even an audience for such a book. But, I thought, I'd put the video out there, gauge interest, and by making a public proclamation, I would hold myself accountable. And others would check in on me from time to time.

The video got a ton of responses, all positive. My Twitter followers seemed to be excited. They liked the video, liked even my narration, recorded on my iPhone in a suite at BB&T Ballpark in Charlotte while the Diamond Heels took on South Carolina. It was a shot in the arm and a kick forward. Now, I just had to actually do it.

The premise of the book was to be the circuitous route that I took to get to GoHeels.com and the Carolina athletics beat.  And a lot of it will be about that. But as I got to writing and mining my memory, I realized that the things that shaped me, the experiences that I draw upon as a writer today, began much earlier. The talent show at the Wayne County Agricultural Fair. Middle school baseball. Musical theatre in high school. Growing up clinging to the dream that I'd play for Dean Smith. All part of the story, all shaping the writer you're reading right now.

I don't know how much of all that will make the bok. I do know that this is not a straight biography, but more a memoir, a series of essays about my journey and development. Every day I stare at this iPad and write a little more. OK, not every day, but quite often. Sooner or later, I'll get to shaping what I've written into a coherent narrative, add some jokes and figure out how to publish this thing. 

But right now, I write.